Adding driver’s license to your iPhone

(Pocket-lint) Apple recently unveiled the possibility of adding the United States driver's license or state identification card into the online Apple Wallet, and while only eight states support the digitization of documents at first, Apple promises more will be added shortly.

If you're looking to learn how to connect your driver's license or state ID into the Apple Wallet, follow along.

How do you add your ID into Apple Wallet?

The process of adding a driver's license to Apple Wallet is very similar to transferring a credit or debit card, but with additional security features.

  • To start, click the + icon located in the upper right-hand edge of the Apple Wallet application, and then select the driver's license as well as the state ID.

  • Then, you'll be asked to make a clean photograph scanning from both the back and front of your license before being asked to take an image to be used for state verification. Both Apple and state governments are keen to ensure that someone cannot just grab two images of your license and become a speedy identity theft.

  • To stop fraudsters from transferring the identity of someone else to their wallets To prevent fraudsters from stealing your identity, you'll be required to "complete an assortment of head and face movements throughout the process of setting up".

Apple states that after having submitted the correct identification scans as well as selfies the state that issued the ID will confirm the identity of the person and verify the authenticity of the request before approving it. This could take several days.

There's no word yet on how local police departments will be able to deal with Apple Wallet driver's licenses.

In the meantime, keep your physical card in your wallet at all times. If you're traveling to certain airports, however, Apple is hoping for the opposite, as Apple has declared TSA assistance for this feature in airports throughout the United States—through which airports specifically support the feature isn't clear currently.

Can you utilize the Apple Wallet driver's license at an airport?

It seems like the answer is yes.

Apple claims that certain airports have security lines equipped with special readers that can handle the Apple Watch and iPhone ID. It also emphasizes the security of this process, stating that "users are not required to open, display the device to prove their identity".

For scanning your ID at the airport for entry into TSA, it is simply necessary to first open up your Apple Wallet, then choose your driver's license, and then you can use your Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode to verify the authenticity of the ID.

Which states allow you to upload your driver's license to Apple Wallet right now?

As of now, only eight states are in support of the feature. The states that support the feature are:

  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Oklahoma
  • Utah

Apple imposed strict terms on the United States for using digital IDs in the Wallet App.

Apple's deal with U.S. states looking to include digital ID cards, such as driver's licenses in the Wallet app has strict terms and requires the payment of charges to the taxpayer, according to fintech expert Jason Mikula and CNBC.

The capability to add an ID or driver's license in the Wallet app is a brand new feature that is available in iOS 15. Users can use the plus icon located at the very top of the Wallet app to enter their ID. They can then just tap the iPhone or Apple Watch on an identity reader at a TSA checkpoint without having to pull out their card in physical form.

The confidential documents were viewed in the hands of Mikula as well as CNBC, which claims to reveal that Apple has imposed strict rules and regulations upon U.S. states who want to adopt the latest feature. The cost of implementing these conditions, like hiring employees as well as marketing, project management, and financing will be billed to the taxpayer, with no financial assistance from Apple.

The company demands that states independently maintain the systems that are used to issue and manage credentials, employ project managers to answer Apple's questions and examine IDs as well as conduct quality testing to verify that the digital IDs comply with Apple's standards, "prominently" market the feature, "proactively" offer digital IDs when a person receives the new or replacement card, and urge state or federal governments to use digital IDs.

Apple is the "sole discretion" in a range of the most important aspects of the program, which include what devices will work to use digital IDs and the way states will report on the effectiveness of the feature and the launch date. Apple is also insisting on the capability to approve and review any state-specific advertising for the program.

These terms were incorporated into the memorandum of understanding which has been executed by Georgia, Arizona, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. In the words of CNBC the agreement "mostly describes Apple to have a significant degree of control over authorities that issue ID cards."


We advise all our readers to take the initiative and add their important documents to their iPhones.

This will not only save you time and space but you will always know your private data is safe.

So, take the smart step today and add your license to your iPhone.