7 Time Management Apps for College Students

Technology can bring destruction to students desiring to do their homework. It causes the inability to manage time effectively. However, with the same technology, you can use time management apps to stay focused.

7 Time Management Apps for College Students

The apps help to improve productivity, organize college routines and manage assignments. They will also help you to avoid procrastination. You can use inexpensive time management apps or download them online for free. Here is a list of seven-time management apps to consider.

Delegating task

Delegating tasks is one of the most effective ways to manage time. Essays and other assignments come with a lot of pressure due to tight deadlines. You can delegate your assignments to someone else who has the right knowledge and skills. This helps you to manage time effectively and complete the tasks faster.

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With Evernote, you can organize your schedules, research, and notes in one place. This app syncs with different devices and lets you add notes to audio files, PDFs, and images. Use Evernote to create tasks and set reminders for important deadlines and college events.

Evernote is also an excellent app for delegating important tasks and tracking their progress. For the personal plan, you can get a 50% discount-it is available for $7.99 per month. The professional plan costs $14.99 per month.

Focus Booster

Focus Booster can help you to avoid distractions by applying the Pomodoro technique. With the app, you work and take short breaks between sessions. Your goal is to track your productivity to see how your day was.

Focus Booster is highly customizable and a great tool to balance the day’s schedules. It offers the automatic Pomodoro technique by breaking down your products into intervals. It helps you to concentrate and be more productive. The app is available for macOS, Android, and windows.

MyHomework Student Planner

This is an excellent app for all learning levels, whether it is high school or university. MyHomework Student Planner offers you a calendar for tracking upcoming exams, assignments, and other college events.

It also provides a homework widget for syncing assignments and receiving important reminders. Students who use this app are not caught by deadlines off guard. It can save your life on many occasions and boost your productivity.

Distraction-blocking apps

Sometimes you may find yourself checking social media every few minutes. Perhaps some tweets are popping on your phone, and there are temptations to open them. You may need to download distraction-blocking apps to avoid being hooked on social media.

This will also help to avoid going to distracting websites. As a Google Chrome user, choose the StayFocused app. This is a great app to limit the time you spend on social media and time-wasting websites. Use the Anti-Social app for your phone to evaluate the extent of your phone usage.


RescueTime records how and where you spend your time online. This productivity app analyzes all your daily activities, so you can track your school projects. RescueTime runs on the computer background and tracks all your online activities.

The idea is to review the activities and rate the ones that seem to be “very distracting” and the ones that are “very productive .”This could help you to set goals and track the progress of your projects.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an excellent app for Gmail and Google Classroom users. It adds items and events to your calendar and lets you set important reminders. With the app, it is also easy to color-code events and tasks.

Keeping many things in mind while at the university may be difficult. With Google Calendar, you will become a more effective planner and avoid missing deadlines. You can access the calendar from different web browsers and easily edit your schedules.


The choice of time management apps depends on the goal you want to achieve. However, all of the above apps will boost your productivity and help you to avoid missing important deadlines. Some are available for free, and others require a subscription. Avoid the technology deception and focus on doing the things that matter most.