5 Ways to resolve heating issues of an iPhone

iPhones are great devices. They have great build quality, great functionality, and pack a lot of punch in a small form factor.

Sometimes its is hard to decipher how much a small hand-held device like iPhone is capable of doing. But, like every coin has a flip side. The iPhone too has numerous limiting factors. Some of them are:

  • Its battery.
  • Its storage capability.
  • Its processing speeds, and
  • Its hardware.

Today we are going to talk about one of those limiting factors, the hardware, and how it causes heating issues in an iPhone. At last, we will also discuss the necessary steps that can be taken to prevent your iPhone from getting overheated. So, without further ado. Let us begin.

Why do mobile devices overheat?

To understand this phenomenon we have to need a deeper understanding of the basic law of Physics. The laws of thermodynamics state, “Energy is released by any working or moving object in the form of heat and light” thus, whenever the minute electronic components of your smartphone work they dissipate a lot of heat. When this heat reaches alarming levels it starts to get radiated through the chassis of the smartphone and that is how we understand a smartphone is having heating issues.

Some common facts about overheating of smartphones

1) Heating issues are directly related to the age of your smartphone.

A new smartphone is less prone to overheating than an old smartphone. Within time the efficiency of the electronic components wears off thus, they tend to produce more heat when they work. So, an old smartphone will have more heating issues than a brand new one.

2) Environmental conditions play an important part in the heating of devices.

If you live in a colder climate then, you will face lower overheating issues than someone who lives in a hotter climate. Atmospheric temperature, sunlight, Humidity in the air are all crucial factors that promote heating dissipation from smartphones.

3) Accessories and other peripheral connections juice up the heating issues of your smartphone.

Heat dissipation from a smartphone is directly related to the number of accessories that have been connected to it. Wired devices cause slightly more heating issues and Bluetooth or remotely connective assessors cause slightly fewer heating issues.

4) The number of apps open on your phone is directly proportional to the amount of heat your smartphone will dissipate.

If you have numerous apps open in the background it will directly affect the thermal conditions of your smartphone.

5) Overheating often promotes radiation through smartphones

This is a globally accepted phenomenon right now, overheating of electronic devices in smartphones is directly proportional to radiation from smartphones.

5 ways to resolve heating issues of your iPhone

1) Never keep your iPhone under direct sunlight for too long

The easiest way to prevent overheating is to keep your iPhone out of direct sunlight. Also, prevent over-using your phone when the weather is too humid.

2) Toggle Airplane mode or Switch the device off when not in use.

Always turn on the airplane mode when you are using your smartphone. It helps minimize radiation and heating and also saves the battery life of your iPhone.

3) Use the Autobrighness feature as much as possible.

Using Autobrigness causes less power consumption and thus, promotes less heating induced problems in smartphones

4) Take off your safety case when overheating occurs

Do not use a safety case when your smartphone is overheating. It is advised to remove the case and keep the iPhone idle for a few minutes until the temperature of the device becomes normal.

5) Turn background apps off

Background apps consume a lot of resources thus, it is always advised to close them when not in use.