5 ways to free up storage space on your Apple Watch

If you are an Apple Watch user, then you may always require storage space. Different Apple Watch versions have different storage spaces, but the only thing common between them is that they all have limited storage space.

Apple Watch Series 5 has 32 GB space, while Apple Watch Series 4 has only 16 GB. The Series 3 is limited to 16 GB for GPS + Cellular and only 8 GB for the GPS model.

Clearing space to increase the storage depends on your watch version. But there are a few things that you can do to easily run your Apple Watch and decrease the storage clutter.

Apps in Apple Watch

Usually, apps take most spaces in Apple to watch. You can check which content is taking more space and remove it if it is not needed.

To remove an app from the Apple Watch, open the watch app on your phone and scroll down to my watch screen. Now from the list of installed apps, you can tap the app you want to remove and disable it from your Apple Watch.

Directly delete an app from your Apple Watch by lightly pressing on any icon until it all starts to shake. Press on the cross button of the app you want to remove and click on the delete option; it will get deleted after confirmation.

Photos in Apple Watch

You can edit the synchronization limit of the photos in your Apple Watch through your phone. Go to the Watch app and scroll down to my watch section and click on the photos tab.

Now you can edit the photo synchronization option and control the number of photos that you want to synchronize.

Music in Apple Watch

You can remove the music from your Apple Watch to your phone by sliding into the music section of your Watch App.

To delete music from your Apple Watch, directly go to the Music app and tap on the library and go to albums. Select the album you want to remove, swipe it to the left and then tap the ellipsis icon. Press the remove button on the screen and confirm. After confirmation, it will get deleted from the Apple Watch.

Podcasts in Apple Watch

Go to the Watch app and tap on the podcast entry on my watch list. There are two options available for deleting episodes.

The listen now options delete 1 episode from your top 10 podcasts, and the custom option allows you to delete three episodes from every show you select.

Audiobooks in Apple Watch

You can also remove audiobooks from your Apple Watch. Go to my watch section and click on audio works. You will get a few options to delete audiobooks from your Apple Watch.

You can disable the switches for reading now and want to read as this leads to the automatic download of audiobooks, and it consumes a lot of space.

You can also check the list of synchronized audiobooks and delete which are no longer needed. Swipe left and tap on the delete button to delete an audiobook.


These five ways are very effective in clearing space in your Apple Watch. You can also avoid collecting clutter in your Apple Watch as it can decrease the working speed of your watch.