5 tips for effectively using Search in Notes on Mac

If you are a frequent note app user, then there are high chances that you have multiple folders and accounts, and scrolling through each of them while searching for a file is not a wise option.

If you don't know how to search files in the notes app effectively, it can be a tedious task and consume a lot of your time. But here are 5 tips that are very effective in using search in notes on Mac.

1. Specific accounts

If you work with multiple accounts in your notes app, then you can narrow down the options by selecting a specific account while searching for a file.

Click on the magnifying glass icon in the search bar and select all accounts or current accounts depending upon your preference and then enter a term in the search bar and click enter.

If you have selected the current account option, this narrows down your search area and can easily help you find your file.

2. Suggested Searches

When you click on the search bar, many suggestions for different searches will appear like shared notes, locked notes, notes with checklists, etc. These suggestions will also help you narrow down your search and easily find your file for you.

3. Natural language search

Natural language search is also a way of searching in which you enter a search term as you would say them. For example, you can type notes created last month or with photos about cars unexpectedly to search for a file.

The method can be handy or tricky, depending on your preference. Sometimes you may receive unexpected results in some cases.

4. Attachments Browser

If your looking for an attachment or notes containing an attachment, then the notes app gives your friendly options to quickly find that file by using the attachment. The attachment browser allows you to view all photos, scans, videos, websites, audio files, and documents present in your note app.

  • Click on the view option and then select show attachment browser from the menu bar.
  • Your regular notes app screen will turn into the attachment processor. Click on a tab at the top of the screen to select the type of attachment you're looking for.
  • Double click on the attachment to open it or select open attachment shows.
  • When you have finished using the attachment browser, click on the escape key or tap on view and hide the attachment browser from the menu bar.

5. Additional searching in Notes

You can also use other methods for searching a file in your notes app. You can take help from Siri and use the natural language to help you find things.

In case you need to find a certain text, use the shortcut key Command + F or click on the edit option and then go to find and enter your search term, and your result will appear on the screen.


The different search options will help you save time and find the file effectively. Manually searching a file by scrolling through multiple files can be very time-consuming, so use the 5 tips mentioned above to save your time and get your result immediately.