1ONE Jailbreak

1ONE is a new all-in-one jailbreak tweak with a generous amount of options.

If you have been reading on how to jailbreak your IOS systems, you might have come across many suggestions. Jailbreaking is attempted in IOS devices so that people can get access to outside resources, apart from what IOS is already offering them. Most jailbreaking tweaks get your floors shaking under the feet and are somewhat intimidating.

Folks looking for an easier jailbreak tweak have good news now! Here is the new release of 1ONE by IOS developer Mostafa and an article on it that educates you on everything about it! Stay back and hold on while we show you what's burning about this tweak and how you can benefit from this.

How to install 1ONE jailbreak tweak?

The installation's process is pretty much the same as that of any other application. The more exciting part lies in the interfaces and options you get once you have this jailbreak tweak installed. Users can find each of the mentioned interfaces and elements throughout IOS:

  • Alerts:

In this panel, users will find many options, including enabling or disable alert-specific settings, adjusting the font size of alert messages or alert titles, size of sheet messages, and color of alerts.

  • Animations:

The animations section also provides many options to the users like adjust app-only animation speeds via a slider, adjust springboard only animation speeds via a slider, notification and banner animation speeds, enabling slower animation and similar.

  • App switcher

In the app switcher sections, users of 1ONE will be able to customize and their app switcher user experience like, enable, or disable a custom app switcher size, choose the custom app switcher size you want to original, super tiny, tiny, small, medium, etc. Furthermore, one can enable an iPad-style grid ap switcher, choose a preferred grid size, enable the status bar in the app switcher, add animations for zooming in and out.

  • Folders:

Users can take advantage of 1ONE folder settings to customize their handsets folders. They can enable a custom folder corner radius, enable a custom background alpha level and configure it, enable and select a custom folder background-color

  • Home screen:

The home screen preference pane lets 1ONE user customize their home screen in more ways than one. Things that one can do here include enabling custom colors for app icons and labels or borders, choosing a customize color for app icon labels, hiding app icons, enabling badge shapes and colors, customizing badger corner radius, and more.

  • Hide stuff:

Hide stuff nearly means enabling or disabling hiding things. Hide bread crumps, separator lines, cellular data bars from the status bar, and beta dots from the home screen. Furthermore, one can hide today's view, icons, scroll bar, status bar, Wi-Fi from the status bar, and more.


Thus, it can be well concluded that 1ONE is your all-in-one jailbreak tweak that provides all the variant options for customizing various interfaces throughout IOS. While this one is comparatively lesser at cost than others, it does not compromise on efficiency even with fewer options. Try this jailbreak tweak and access the world on fingertips.