10 iOS Apps For Sharing Documents And Data

Nowadays, sharing files and documents is an important process for businessmen, students, and ordinary users. Luckily, this becomes much easier with special kinds of applications. Do you want to know what applications will assist you to manage, create, and share docs? Then, let's consider the best tools for your iPhone below.


This application from the App Store drives the sharing process to the next level. It lets users share not only documents but also photos and videos. For this, you should simply click a single button. The tool will deliver the necessary files within seconds. The best part is that you can send files not only on iOS but also on other devices without utilizing the internet or Bluetooth.

Fax Application

Will you believe us if we say that you can send and receive papers just by having a special application installed on your device? If you wonder "can I send a fax from iPhone" the answer is positive. Everything is thanks to the Fax App for users of the iOS operating system.

Having a built-in scanner, this tool lets users make fast shots and deliver the required papers within seconds. There is no necessity to seek a fax machine. Take your smartphone and send a fax from any place and time.

To make sure the necessary files are sent and received, you will be able to track your history. Aside from sending and receiving fax easily, this tool enables users to sign papers utilizing a finger only.


Shareit is selected and trusted by many customers from every corner of the globe. This makes this app one of the most commonly utilized tools. Shareit can boast of not only offering traditional file sharing functions, for example, document, video, and audio content sharing. This tool operates as a music player.


This application also earns the trust and popularity of its clients. With Zapya, the file sharing process becomes simpler undoubtedly. Zapya offers unique features, for example, file sharing amongst iOS and Mac devices with the help of AirDrop and instant File Sharing via QR Codes with the assistance of QR Code Sharing. The Zapya tool supports 6 languages.

Send Anywhere

It is useful and convenient to manage documents and data with apps. However, you should not forget about your data security. This is where the Send Anywhere application will fit you the most. Among its functions, it generates a 6 – digit key after a user selects the necessary audio, video files, and documents. Only after a receiver enters this key in an iPhone, the chosen files will be shared immediately.


None of the experts can imagine their work without this application. Dropbox makes file sharing easier as well. Aside from simple sharing, users can have access to files simultaneously. This means you can edit and work on the necessary documents, photos, and files with your team in real-time. Dropbox offers a 30-days free trial. However, after trying it, Dropbox will surely be one of the apps installed on your device.


Superbeam is considered the best and quickest application for you to share docs and files. All you need to use is the power of the Wi-Fi. It provides users with security functions, for example, QR Code Scanning and Sharing Keys while you pair devices. Using this tool, annoying advertisements will not distract you.


This application from the App Store is worth your attention if you take many photographs and then should share them with other users. WeTransfer lets clients load up to 10 GB of files in one go. The free trial is available for a week only. Still, after you utilize this app for multiple file transfers in huge sizes, you will undoubtedly hasten to sign up for the paid version.


Having high recommendations, Pushbullet should be considered for installation. This tool exceeded the expectations of numerous clients and delivered great results. Pushbullet is one of the easy-to-navigate apps. With the Pushbullet Channels function, you will be able to receive notifications about the various things you are interested in. Moreover, it allows you to sync all your Mac or PC devices together.


Do you want to share and receive papers, files, docs, and any other type of content fast? Then, Droplr is exactly what you need for your iOS platform. This tool provides users with unlimited storage space and file size. Also, it grants extra security with the help of password protection. Its interface is available in 9 various languages.


To keep time and effort, one can manage documents and data with apps. Some of them are free of charge, while others can offer a free trial and paid versions. However, the offered functions of these applications are worth their prices. Do you look for helpful applications for your iOS operating system? Thus, you can consider the best and discussed tools above, install them on your device, and benefit from using them.