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General information

  • Category: Other multimedia apps
  • Version:
  • Last update: Aug 30, 2018
  • OS: Windows Mac Linux
  • License: freeware

What is KuaiYong?

KuaiYong is a software that allows you to install paid apps on iOS without jailbreaking the device. It can be also used to manage files, movies, audio on your Apple devices.

KuaiYong offers access to unofficial store that you can use to search and download for the latest versions of apps and games running on iOS 9-10 system. Built-in file downlaoder allows you to quickly manage downloaded files. KuaiYong can also filter searched items by selecting proper device like iPhone or iPad. One of the best feature available in KuaiYong is an option to install mobile version of the shop on our iDevice.

Screenshot of KuaiYong software running on Windows 10.

From the mobile version of the KuaiYong Shop the user can also easily download free games and apps. The application works with devices like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPod or iPad.

Other features of KuaiYong include option to create backups, check the battery level and manage files on our iDevice (music, movies, files). With KuaiYong you can also search and download ringtones and beautiful wallpapers. Use KuaiYong download for Windows form our software hub.

KuaiYong is offline

KuaiYong is no longer developed, and we recommend you to try different solutions available in our software hub. You can download and install a great KuaiYong PC alternative like Tongbu Assistant that is available in English language or use 25PP. If you are looking for software to install apps and games free on iOS devices you should definitely download Panda Helper or Tutuapp. All mentioned apps are available for download from our software hub.

Software review

kuba review
KuaiYong Review

KuaiYong PC is a great tool to manage older version of iPhones working on iOS 9 and iOS 10. It's not Kuaiyoung like some people type it but KuaiYong. The software is available for Desktop PC wit support for Windows 7 and above. KuaiYong can be also used to install paid apps and games available in AppStore. The main features of KuaiYong include options to view basic information about your device including iOS version, device name, UDID etc., manage installed apps and games, files, eBook, photos, movies and more. KuaiYong can also access change your iOS device into portable USB drive. Use your free space on iPhone device for storage of documents, files, etc. like on regular USB flash memory stick. KuaiYong download can be installed on Windows for free.

KuaiYong download

You can download KuaiYong for Windows Mac, and Linux.

KuaiYong Alternative

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