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  • Last update: 22/08/2017
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Kaspersky Free review

Kaspersky Free is a freeware antivirus app offering real-time protection, a mechanism to detect unknown threats, system for offline and cloud service files scanning or checking files and dangerous websites before visiting them. 

Kaspersky Free provides a number of functions that protect the user from threats available on the Internet. Among the most significant options offered in the app is worth mentioning the possibility of unlocking the type of applications of computers infected with Trojan horses, displaying information on the reputation of the Web pages you visit or the function of the Anti-Phishing protects the user from Web sites and e-mails trying to extort confidential data.

Entering logins and passwords on the web through a regular keyboard you put your confidential data at risk. It may be stolen by means of spyware programs which register keystrokes, in example hardware keyboard interceptors or keyloggers, and then transferred to criminals. To keep your private information protected you can use the On-Screen Keyboard tool built into Kaspersky Free.

Free version offers also a quarantine module to store all infected and potentially dangerous files. There are also frequent signature database updates allow for protecting the system against the latest threats. Kaspersky Free is based on Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine.

Kaspersky Free Download

You can download Kaspersky Free for Windows .