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General information

  • Category: Messengers
  • Version: 10.0.12393
  • Last update: Nov 8, 2018
  • OS: Windows Mac Linux
  • License: freeware

What is ICQ?

ICQ is a free messaging app allowing you to make free video and voice calls, send text messages with fun stickers and make low-cost phone calls.

With free voice calls and video chat in ICQ you can catch up and wave hello anytime and anywhere. Talk as long as you want and don’t worry about the rates. Customize your ICQ! Choose from the wide variety of themes and background colors. Bright, colorful or minimalistic - ICQ comes with themes for every mood.

Using the application you can view the list of contacts, send messages and make free voice and video calls within the network. Users can also add their own avatars, insert graphics and emoticons into messages or preview sent links directly from the chat window.

ICQ downloaded, and installed on Windows 10. Settings Window of ICQ app.

Send any type of files to your contacts, right from your chat window. Sharing photos, videos, audio files and any other documents in ICQ is fast and easy. Connect ICQ with your social network accounts and chat with all of your friends in one app.

ICQ also allows you to search for contacts, synchronize between other version of messenger designed for mobile devices, search call history, and create group conversations. You can also view videos from YouTube and view notifications of incoming messages directly in the message window etc.

Moreover, ICQ offers the ability to logon with Facebook account, display notifications of upcoming birthdays, changing the status or play sounds on events like new messages, authorization request or an incoming call.

ICQ download

You can download ICQ 10.0.12393 for Windows Mac, and Linux.

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