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What is HashMyFiles?

HashMyFiles is a small tool designed to generate checksums for specific files. The program allows you to generate MD5 sums in formats like SHA1, CRC32, SHA-256, SHA-512 and SHA-384. Download HashMyFiles for Windows.

The program allows for quick calculation of so-called hashes for the entire folders or files specified by the user. Just load the data for which you want to generate checksums and the application will proceed to action. In the settings HashMyFiles the user can define in what formats are to be calculated checksums for all files.

Screenshot of HashMyFiles software running on Windows 10.

Generated results can be saved on the hard disk in the HTML file format. HashMyFiles also comes with a file browser that allows you to quickly locate data of interest to us. Optional tool integrates with Windows context menu, so you generate a checksum function will be generally available.

Another advantage of the tool is the ability to run commands from the command line. HashMyFiles offers a rich set of features to generate a checksum files without having to start the graphical interface of the program.

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You can download HashMyFiles 2.31 for Windows .

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