Final Cut Pro X reset trial version. Oh Yes! How to tutorial in two easy steps

qbap - Wednesday, 5 September 2018

You can easily reset Final Cut Pro X Trial version to work without time limitations. To do it you need to run swift code in macOS terminal or compile the code to binary. In this article you will learn how to do it if few simple steps.

Final Cut Pro X is a professional non-linear video editing application published by Apple Inc. as part of their Pro Apps family of software programs. The 30-day trial version of FCP X can be downloaded from AppStore. If you need more time there is a simple method.

First check if the swift library is installed on you Mac. You can do it by running swift command from macOS terminal. If its not available the system will ask you to install all necessary libraries. Next, after you run swift, you can copy the code below to the terminal and click enter. It will execute the code and reset Final Cut Pro X Trial giving you next 30 days to enjoy using FCPX.

import Foundation

let path = NSString(string: "~/Library/Application Support/.ffuserdata").expandingTildeInPath
let data = NSKeyedUnarchiver.unarchiveObject(withFile: path) as! NSDictionary
let mutableData = data.mutableCopy() as! NSMutableDictionary

for (key, value) in mutableData {
  if value is NSDate {
    mutableData[key] = Date()

NSKeyedArchiver.archiveRootObject(mutableData, toFile: path)

Repeating this method ever 30 day can be not so user friendly. Instead you can compile the swift code to binary and run the app if required. How to do it? First open your favorite text editor and add to the beginning #!/usr/bin/swift. Copy the code from above to next line and save the result to fcpxreset.swift file. When it's done run command swiftc -o fcpxreset fcpxreset.swift in terminal. A new exce file will appear and when you run it Final Cut Pro X trial version will be restarted. Enjoy new 30 days for testing FCP X.