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General information

What is FakeFlashTest?

FakeFlashTest is a free software to verify the real capacity of SD memory cards and flash drive media. The program verifies the actual capacity of the disk by writing blocks of data with a size corresponding to the declared capacity of the media.

The software was created to identify false data storage media that appear more frequently on Internet auctions unscrupulous traders. Carriers having a capacity of eg. 64 GB in fact offer a record of up to 1 GB of data. Displaying inaccurate information regarding the system disk capacity is the result of a suitable memory mapping.

Screenshot of FakeFlashTest software running on Windows 10.

FakeFlashTest during the review process overwrites all data carriers. Before starting the process to verify the capacity of the selected drive or SD card, please make a copy of all stored files. Password to unzip the FakeFlashTest file is: fake. FakeFlashTest download is compatyble with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Software review

kuba review
FakeFlashTest Review

FakeFlashTest is my personal favorite fake flash test tool. It makes exactly what the name stands for. It's a simple program that I always use to check if the USB Flash drive offers the declared storage capacity. On the market we can find a lot of cheap USB Flash drives like storage capacity 32 GB but in real life you can't save there more then 300 MB of data. FakeFlashTest makes a USB fake flash test and informs you about the real storage capacity of the Flash drive. It's really simple to use. Insert the Flash drive to USB, run FakeFlashTest software and click Test Empty Space. This will take some time but you will receive in return the information about real storage capacity of your Flash drive. FakeFlashTest works also with SD cards. Get FakeFlashTest download now, and test your memory stick. 

FakeFlashTest download

You can download FakeFlashTest 1.1.1 for Windows .

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