Download XviD

XviD is a free codec that allows you to compress video and reduce file size. When playing HD video or recording video from the cameras in real time it uses low system resources. The last version was released in 2017 year.

XviD is a variant of MPEG-4 allowing you to transcode and decode movies encoded in formats like DivX, 3IVX, and other compatible MPEG-4 files. The codec is available on many platforms, and can be handled by most compatible with DivX devices including DVD or Blu-ray players, video players and TVs. Today we have other solutions that offer better video and audio quality with smaller file sizes.

The authors define XviD codes as a kind of ZIP archiver for video files. Video codec removes unnecessary information using advanced algorithms for data compression while maintaining good video and sound quality. For example one hour PAL format video material uses 100 GB of disk space and processed by XviD takes only 500 MB. The quality is lossy, but still acceptable for most users.