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Xojo is an object-oriented cross-platform development tool for ordinary people to create apps for the Desktop, Web, iOS and Raspberry Pi. With over 40 user interface controls built-in, your app will look and feel right on any platform.

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Recent changes:

New features and improvements added to the newest version of software are available in the Xojo changelog, where you can find all highlights from this release.

Xojo 2018r4

  • New URLConnection class
  • New constants AppSupportsDarkMode & AppSupportsHiDPI
  • iOS builds use 12.1. SDK 
  • macOS builds use 10.14 SDK

Xojo 2018r3

  • macOS Mojave Dark Mode support for the Xojo IDE and your own apps
  • Windows improvements:
  • Now using native Label control for better performance
  • More accurate text rendering 
  • Incremental Compilation for 64-bit and ARM enables faster debug builds
  • iOS projects now work with Xcode 10 and iOS 12 Simulator
  • SQLite updated to 3.24.0
  • New Documentation Wiki

Xojo 2018r2

  • Continued Windows optimizations
  • iOSTable supports pull-to-refresh
  • iOSTable better supports varying row heights with iOSCustomTableCell
  • iOSView support large titles on iOS 11+
  • iOSHTMLViewer now uses WKWebView for better compatibility
  • Added SpecialFolder.Resources and GetResource methods
  • SQLiteDatabase updated to 3.23.1
  • HTMLViewer uses WebKit2 on Linux (if available) and latest Chromium Embedded Framework 3 on Windows (when WebKit is selected)
  • over 160 changes and improvements

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