Wise System Monitor

Download Wise System Monitor

Wise System Monitor is a small tool that displays basic information about the hardware components, operating system, monitor memory usage, CPU usage and all the processes running. You can download Wise System Monitor for free.

If you monitor processes, the application displays basic information about running services, resources not used by the CPU and RAM, sent and received data, etc. Process Monitor displays both processes started by the user as they loaded automatically by Windows. Wise System Monitor also allows you to turn off the process and lock him access to the Internet.

Screenshot of Wise System Monitor software running on Windows 10.

Wise System Monitor Process Monitor gives you a list of all the processes run by user and system, alongside their CPU and memory consumption ratio and data transfer details. The user can shut down any process that is not needed or lock for selected app access to the Internet. Process Monitor can also check the real-time network connectivity and upload/download speed of each process.

In Hardware Monitor tab you can view information about the of main hardware components like CPU, motherboard, SSD, Graphics card, RAM, hard drive disk, network card and sound card. Wise System Monitor can also read in real time temperature of four most prominent hardware: mainboard, CPU, graphics card and hard drive.

Wise System Monitor displays also various information about the installed operating system. In Operating System tab you can find information about the key product, the version number of the system, installation date, time zone or language installed.