Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner download for Windows.

General information

  • Category: System tools
  • Version: 10.29
  • Last update: Feb 13, 2020
  • OS: Windows
  • License: freeware

What is Wise Registry Cleaner?

Wise Registry Cleaner is a free tool allowing you to clean registry, tune-up system settings, and defrag registry. Before you will make any changes to the registry Wise Registry Cleaner will prepare a backup file with all settings.

The Wise Registry Cleaner will scan Windows registry for any kind of problems related to ActivX and COM components, software and applications paths, file types, help files, firewall settings, fonts, shared DLL’s, users MRU list, uninstaller, start menu, startup programs, sound and appevents, image file execution, empty keys, application settings, Windows Services, missing shared libraries with useless information about uninstalled software, Windows services and registry entries created by spyware or adware, and MUI cache. The registry is automatically backed up before any cleaning is performed. You can use it to restore the registry to the previous point., or create a full registry backup manually.

Wise Registry Cleaner software installed on Windows 10.

Wise Registry Cleaner is also packed with System Tuneup that can improve your network, speed your Windows, and stabilize your system. Use Wise System Tuneup to optimize relevant system settings and improve both system speed and internet speed. After one-click optimization, you will see improvement items that can affect your PC’s performance. You can reduce application idleness, disable clearing Windows Paging File, close frozen processes, automatically restart Windows Explorer, boot the display speed of Aero peek, increase system icon cache and speed up desktop display, and much more.

Registry Cleaner by Wise can also defrag system registry allowing the PC to run more quickly and more stably. As you add, remove, cut, copy and paste programs and files, the registry in your computer becomes fragmented, this option will reorganize your registry to make sure you get the most efficient PC. After the analyze you can see reduce size of registry keys.

Key features

1. Wise Registry Cleaner offers safe and fast registry scanning engine.
2. Scan Windows registry and find incorrect information in the registry. Fix obsolete data in Windows registry, and your system will work more efficiently.
3. View problems found individually and call up a detailed description of each. You can also correct automatically all problems.
4. Create registry backup and restore changes to your system.
5. Improve system performance with one click.

Registry scan options

ActiveX/COM Components: This section can find obsolete and invalid ActiveX/COM entries and repair them.

Software Paths: This section can find and remove obsolete and invalid software information entries.

Application Paths: Find and remove invalid application information.

File Types: This section can find invalid and empty information on file associations.

Help Files: This section can find invalid and empty information on help files.

Firewall Settings: This section can find Invalid Windows firewall settings.

Fonts: This section can find invalid and empty information on fonts.

Shared DLL: This section can find invalid and unused .dll files.

User MRU Lists: This section can find and erase user MRU lists.

Uninstaller: This section can find obsolete and invalid uninstall information.

Start Menu: This section can find obsolete and invalid start menu entries.

Startup Program: This section can find invalid startup programs.

Sound and AppEvents: This section can find obsolete and invalid sound files and appevents files.

IE URL History: This section can find and erase IE URL History.

Image File Exectuion: This section can find malicious entries created by spyware, virus or malware.

Empty Keys: This section can find registry entries with no information.

Application Settings: This section can find obsolete and invalid application settings.

Windows Services: This section can find Windows services.

MUI Cache: This section can find missing MUI cache reference.

Command line examples

Wise Registry Cleaner runs automatically and silently, using the current set of saved settings to repair your Windows registry errors. (only safe registry entries).

WiseRegistryCleaner.exe -a -safe

Wise Registry Cleaner runs automatically and silently, using the current set of saved settings to repair your Windows registry errors (all including safe and unsafe).

WiseRegistryCleaner.exe -a -all

Software review

kuba review
Wise Registry Cleaner Review

Wise Registry Cleaner is a simple and effective software allowing you to remove unused registry entries in Windows. You can also use Wise Registry Cleaner to defrag registry, optimize system settings, create registry backup, and manage registry and Windows restore point. Wise Registry Cleaner 10 comes with improved speed of search engine, and better functions of Registry Defrag algorithm. Wise Registry Cleaner download is available for Windows users only. Linux and Mac is not supported. Registry Cleaner created by Wise is 100% safe to use. All changes added to the registry can be restored with one click. Moreover, Wise Registry Cleaner is available for free, and it offers some basic command line options to run the software from cmd.exe. If you are looking for registry cleaner install Wise Registry Cleaner.

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