Download WinNc

WinNc is a feature-rich tabbed file manager for Windows. As in Norton Commander also the clone file manager works on dual panel idea. You can organize all data by project thx to the tabbed interface, and use shortcuts to all the Windows 10 special folders.

Projects can include virtual links to folders or files from all over the disk that is related to that project tab. WinNc can do all task you would expect from a file explorer like copy, move, delete, compress, uncompress and create links. Use the manager to converts audio, burns files on DVD and cd, creates ISO files or synchronize folders.

WinNc file manager for Windows

Moreover, you can create from ZIP files self-extraction EXE files.WinNc uses logical colors for the file actions so you can see if a file is being copied (Green), being moved (Orange) or being packed (Yellow). You can perform multiple tasks by setting the maximum parallel tasks to more than one task.

WinNc is also packed with file viewer supporting all the popular formats. It has a built-in slideshow viewer, an audio player and a video player for quickly browsing through your media. Access quickly folders by clicking on the Quick Access icon or by pressing the spacebar.

WinNC operation window

In the Quick Access box, you can type the location of interest, like "windows", "download" to quickly navigate to the folder. It will show a list of matching folders ordered by match rank. Furthermore, you can add frequently used folders to favorite by pressing the blue star. There is also support for adding tags (search words) to folders.