Download WinContig

WinContig is a small tool to defragment not only whole disk but also individual files and folders. The main advantages of the program is speed, no need to install, small size and not littering registry system. WinContig English version available.

WinContig before compacting the partitions checks for possible errors and offers the ability to remove temporary files from the disk (for this purpose you can use external applications or with built-in WinContig). The application allows you to create profiles, enable the system to work only with selected files or run the program from the command line with the specified parameters.

Screenshot of WinContig software running on Windows 10.

WinContig supports two different defragmentation methods. If you choose the Quick method, WinContig does look for the first amount of free space large enough to defragment a file into and uses it. Use this defragmentation method if you use tools like Windows Defrag to defragment your hard disk on a regular basis.

If you choose the Smart method, WinContig does look for the amount of free space that best fits a file into ad uses it. Also, if there is no free space large enough to fully defragment a file into, WinContig does try to reduce the number of fragments of that file. In addition, the application allows to check the level of disk fragmentation. WinContig is not a GUI for Contig defragmenter from Sysinternals.