Download WampServer

WAMP is an environment allowing you install and launch platform Apache, PHP and MySQL on Windows without the need to configure advanced settings or running scripts. Alongside, PhpMyAdmin allows you to manage easily your databases.

WAMP system installs all the necessary components to run a fully functioning web server without having to look in configuration files, databases, HTTP servers, etc. The tool can be successfully used as a test platform designed for the preparation of projects, web pages, web applications, etc. WAMP is equipped not only with features file sharing locally, but also through the Internet.

Screenshot of WampServer software running on Windows 10.

The tools available in WAMP includes Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database server, PHP interpreter, tool phpMyAdmin database management and SqlBuddy and XDebug debugger and profiler. One of the biggest advantages of WAMP environment is the ability to conveniently upgrade any components through extensions available on the manufacturer's website.