Download WakeMeOnLan

WakeMeOnLan is a simple tool designed to remotely turn on and off computers on the local network.

The program scans the local network and generates a list of devices to be managed. When the workstation is turned on its MAC address is recorded on the list. WakeMeOnLan collects data such as the IP address, computer name, MAC address and the name of the network adapter, the status of the computer like. To turn on or turn off a computer connected to a wired local area network application sends the collected addresses of the package WOL (Wake-on-LAN).

Screenshot of WakeMeOnLan software running on Windows 10.

WakeMeOnLan to work on a local network need first to be configured with remote computers. While on a computer network management tool WakeMeOnLan just run on other workstations need to activate the Wake-on-LAN in the operating system or BIOS.

Another advantage of the tool is the ability to run commands from the command line. WakeMeOnLan offers a rich set of features to manage computers on the local network without having to run the graphical interface of the program.