Wake On LAN

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Wake On LAN is the best WOL, ping, shutdown software for Windows offering a lot of useful features. Wake Up remote machines and execute shutdown, sleep and hibernate options for Windows. Download Wake On LAN software for free and manage all your computers.

Send wake up packets to computers that support Magic-Packet WOL and schedule wakeups and shutdowns. Shutdown is designed to work with Windows domain computers, but it is possible also to shutdown non-domain computers, and even Linux server, with some extra work.

Wake On LAN

Network interface for WOL packets is configurable allows you to WakeUp a remote computer that is powered off. Wake On LAN supports complex network environments with subnet directed broadcasts, can be used in static or DHCP addressing networks, and log shows a history of wake-ups, shutdowns, etc.

Wake On LAN features also tools to scan network for hosts, IP and MAC addresses, search tool attempts to determine if WOL is enabled on scanned Windows computers, supports Wake-Up over the Internet using WOLAgent, and command-line interfaces. Shutdown Linux machines using script.


Other tools packed with Wake On LAN include scan network for hosts, IP and MAC addresses, and troubleshooting tool displays incoming WOL packets. Moreover, you can configure the software to send email notifications using the built-in scheduling system, or minimize the app to the task tray.

Wake On LAN is both a great tool for network administration as well as users to own a network of computers. The software is really easy to use and isn’t too complicated to configure. The troubleshooting feature that can help you to identify problems such as why a designated task failed, etc.