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VRay Next is the number one app designed to render high definition 3D scenes. The app engine renders photo-realistic frames, that can be easily confused with a real photo. V-Ray was used to create Hollywood movies and popular commercials.

VRay can be used in 3 GUI modes: Basic, Advanced, and Expert. Modes can be toggled at any time to reveal more controls. The main features of VRay Next are Skin shader with layered specular highlights allowing artists to create layered skin.

Probabilistic Light Sampling reduces the number of lights evaluated at render time. V-Ray has been expanded to utilize a variety of color definitions including LUTs, ICC Profiles, and OpenColorIO.

VRay Next

The Progressive Renderer is compatible with all V-Ray Next production features, including Irradiance, Light Cache, SSS, Render Elements, etc. VRmats are universal VRay Shaders for use across multiple applications. For example, a VRmat material may be created in VRay for 3ds Max and transferred directly to VRay for Maya.

The Ray Next tracing core speed up calculations for Brute Force GI, Progressive Path Tracing, Reflections, Refractions, and more. Quick Settings provide artists with production-ready presets and simple rendering quality controls in one compact interface.

Render Mask uses an object selection, include-exclude list, or texture map to control the exact pixels to be rendered.

VRay Next is available as a Standalone app running in console mode or a plugin for 3D and compositing application like 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, Softimage, SketchUp, Rihno, Blender, Modo, Nuke and few other variations.

Each version for third part software integrates with the user interface allowing users to control all option in GUI mode.