VRay Benchmark

Download VRay Benchmark

VRay Benchmark is simple software to benchmark your CPU and GPU performance. Yous click start and the software will test your hardware. The results are displayed in render time mode. The standalone application includes a single GPU scene and a single CPU scene.

VRay Benchmark

You can share your hardware results online. There is also an option to add notes to let others know what mods you’ve made, like water cooling and overclocking. Chaos Group Benchmark is available for 64-bit Windows platform and Mac OS, download VRay Benchmark for free.

With V-Ray Next Benchmark you can activate two test scenes: one for V-Ray and another for V-Ray GPU, depending on the rendering engine you’re looking to measure. Check computer ranks alongside others and learn how different hardware can influence your rendering speed.

Use V-Ray Next Benchmark to test the performance and power of your computer and push components to their limits. This is a great stability testing platform for overclocked system components like CPU and GPU. Compare the results or any combination of processing units available.

VRay Next Benchmark