Virtual Router Manager

Download Virtual Router Manager

To connect to the internet, mobile devices typically use wireless networks. You could actually make your machine a Wi-Fi hotspot while you're at home. The Virtual Router Manager is all that you need. This is free software you can conveniently use to turn your Windows PC into a wireless Internet router.

Digital Router Manager is instrumental because a list of your linked peers as well as the MAC and IP hostnames and addresses are shown to you. On any Windows 7 device, the software works well. However, you will need administrator rights if you want to share a network. But even the software works well, and the machine won't even need to be rebooted.

Features of Virtual Router Manager

The fantastic set of features that come with VIrtual Router Manager have been highlighted in detail in the section below.

Easily Configurable

You basically share the network that has internet connectivity when you make a Wi-Fi hotspot out of your computer. The software lets you really quickly customize all of this. To build the wireless hotspot correctly, you just need to enter a couple of details.

Pick Your Mutual Link and Password

For your network, choose the name and password that you want. This will provide the proper protection it needs for your new wireless link. Also, select a shared network so that internet access can be given to your connected peers.

Maintains a Safe Connection

To protect your link, this tool is useful because you need to build a password that is a minimum of eight characters. There is encryption for WPA2 as well. For your Wi-Fi hotspot to get set up, it just takes a few taps.

Comfortable for Both Experts as well as Novices

For anyone who wants to create a wireless hotspot out of their device in minutes, this software is a great tool. To work with, there are just a few configuration choices, so novices and experts can both find them out very quickly. No directions are included, but you would probably not need them anyway. The GUI talks for itself.

Download and Install Virtual Router Manager for Windows PC

Download Virtual Router Manager for Windows PC

You can easily download Virtual Router Manager from the link shared on this very page above by clicking the 'Download' button. When the executable file for the Virtual Router Manager setup installer begins to download, please wait for it to finish downloading before double-clicking the file to open the installer for Virtual Router Manager.

Install Virtual Router Manager for Windows PC

To complete the simple installation process, you need to follow the easy on-screen instructions after the Virtual Router Manager installer pops up on your Windows PC screen.

  1. Click 'Next' before the User Agreement is shown.
  2. Agreeing with the User Agreement.
  3. For Virtual Router Manager to be mounted, pick an appropriate position on your hard disc.
  4. Wait until the installation starts and finishes.
  5. To exit Setup, click on Finish'.

The Virtual Router Manager desktop icon will now appear on the screen of your Windows PC. To launch Virtual Router Manager whenever you want to connect your phone and other devices to the internet through your PC, you can double-click the same one. Enjoy!