Download VideoInspector

VideoInspector is a free software allowing you to display all information about selected video files. Using the program you will know why video files have no sound or refuse to play correctly.

Moreover, the software will help you to install the required codects (coder/decoder software) for optimal performance on your machine. VideoInspector supports AVI, Matroska, MPEG I, MPEG II, and QuickTime containers, lists installed Audio & Video Codecs, and offers batch analysis, exports to CSV and HTML files.


VideoInspector can also inspect your system to find which codecs are available. In addition, you can calculate video quality factor, check file integrity, displays movie info including duration, and streams, check audio stream info like sample rate, bitrate, number of channels.

Other features include automatic detection of codecs requirements, bitrate grapher, Windows Shell Integration (Drag'n'Drop and Context menu), automatic,content-based container format detection, fourCC Changer, and ability to burn CDs/DVDs (requires CopyToDVD).