Vegas Pro 11.0 Build 701 (64-bit)

Download Vegas Pro 11.0 Build 701 (64-bit)

When it comes to video editing, you will find a wide range of applications and software designed for this purpose and can be used even by beginners without any prior technical knowledge. But there are few programs launched for advanced and professional video editing work. VEGAS Pro is one such software that helps to edit professional videos. You will need to invest some time to learn how to use this application, but once you master it you can create some amazing and outstanding videos for the audience for different purposes.

Developed by MAGIX Software, VEGAS Pro allows users to use their creativity to create some fantastic videos. It is one of the best software used by professionals for effective audio and video editing. The software has an intuitive on-screen display that can be customarily fit easily in with the chosen method of working and specific tools and clips you have on at any time. specifically, this program targets the professional market.


Motion tracking

You can follow the moving objects precisely by the sophisticated masking and motion tracking tools available on this platform. You can easily pin text to them or use other tools for applying color grading, special effects, and other video filters as those objects move through the scene.

360-degree editing

For some of the popular cameras, this fantastic include the amazing 360-degree templates. You will need to set your project up as a 360 project and use the other required steps including apply a 360 filter and finally, this platform delivers complete 360 videos. You can present an immersive experience to the viewers by using this excellent software.

Video stabilization

You can transform your shaky videos into pro-quality videos. The video stabilization engine available on this application offers the users to get smooth results every time with state-of-the-art technology.

Add missing stream

Sometimes, it may happen that while working on a project you have either the video or the audio portion of a video clip and consequently you decide that you may need the other portion too. In this situation, this feature proves beneficial for you as it instantly finds the missing portion and creates an event for it, and finally synchronizes it to the existing portion.

FX Masking

To make your videos outstanding, this platform allows you to add a video effect or filter. You can then apply a mask to limit the effect to a specific portion of the video to obscure logos or other preferred areas without affecting the rest part of the video.

How to install VEGAS pro 11.0 Build 701 (64-bit) on your PC?

VEGAS pro 11.0 Build 701 (64-bit) is a great application that you can use to enhance your creativity and prepared some amazing content for the audience. To install this software on your Windows Operating System, you can follow the instructions and guidelines described below.

Step 1: It is always preferred to install this software from the developer’s official website.

Step 2: Alternatively, open your browser and search “Download VEGAS pro 11.0 Build 701 (64-bit) for Windows” in the search box.

Step 3: Now, you will get a list of websites on your search result page.

Step 4: Once you have downloaded the setup file, follow the step-by-step guidelines and instructions to start the installation process and run this software on your system.

Step 5: After following all the steps, click on finish, and now you can use this fantastic software on your Windows operating system.