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Uninstall Tool is one of the best apps for complete removal of unwanted software in Windows system. The app offers features like install tracker, force removal, batch uninstall, startup manager and a portable mode allowing you to take the app wherever you go (on a USB flash drive) along with its settings and license.

Like most of the similar tools also Uninstall Tool displays a list of all installed programs in the system. You will find there not only the name of the apps but also information like the day of installation, file size, developers name, file version, and website link. Uninstall Tool runs the default uninstall app delivered by the developer, and next perform the thorough search for leftovers on your PC without having to rely on the default uninstaller which can leave a lot behind.

Screenshot of Uninstall Tool software running on Windows 10.

One of the most amazing functions available in Uninstall Tool is real-time tracing offering no need to capture system snapshots before and after installation. When uninstalling a traced app, Uninstall Wizard deletes every single trace of the app leaving your Windows absolutely clean. There is also a real-time log with detailed information about installation progress with Stop and Revert function. When a file or folder is currently in use by the system, Uninstall Wizard schedules removal of such items on the next Windows reboot.

Uninstall Wizard performs a deep scan of the system registry and file system for leftover items. It's able to locate and remove traces of Windows Services (including Drivers), file associations, COM components (including Shell Extensions), various Windows Installer related components, shortcuts and more. Batch Force Removal, as well as regular Force Removal, will not run associated uninstallers and will only scan for leftover file system/registry items and display them in a merged list that requires a precise review.

Uninstall Tool offers also a Startup Manager. You can use it to look through list of startup apps and remove unwanted items. With Uninstall Tool you can also add a new apps that will automatically start when Windows starts. There is an option to Enable/Disable or Delete any app that starts on Windows startup.