Trapcode Particular

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Are you using After Effects regularly for designing and editing video typography, special effects, and more? Trapcode Particular is an After Effects plugin that allows you to add particles to your compositions to bring life to your motion graphics work. For even more elegance and sophistication, use 3D artifacts.

Trapcode Particular is developed by Red Giant Software and runs the latest version of 5.0.0. With a strong designer who makes creating effects more imaginative and intuitive than ever before, it allows you to create particle effects visually. Select from over 355 special Trapcode presets designed to give you a head start. Each preset is fully customizable.

Features of Trapcode Particular

The exceptionally remarkable features of Trapcode Particular are listed below.

Realistic Fluid Animations

Run practical fluid simulations with the latest Dynamic Fluids physics engine for the first time or emulate particles that pass through the air and bounce off surfaces. The new Dynamic Fluids physics engine enables particles to function as if they are moving through real fluids, producing dynamic, swirling effects. Select from 4 fluidic behaviors that are adjustable.

Effects Designer

The development of particle effects in the updated Designer is simpler than ever before. Add customizable blocks for emitters, particles, mechanics, and aux particles for preset behaviors and types. Or with a single click, add full, customizable particle effects.

Accelerated with GPU

Get fast feedback via OpenGL with Trapcode Particular's latest GPU Acceleration. You could see speed improvements of up to 4X or more over previous models, depending on the device and configuration. The Designer receives visual input instantly, rendering the creation and previewing of effects an intuitive and artistic experience. The Designer respects the AE comp scale, bringing in the composition and camera detail, as new in Particular 3. With camera and emitter location controls, preview your particle layout

3D Visuals & Lighting

Trapcode Particular uses the 3D camera and lights of After Effects to thoroughly combine the particle Effects with your motion graphics and VFX live-action images.

Multiple System Support

Explore infinite imaginative possibilities for the first time when you combine several particle systems in the same 3D space. You can create beautiful, complex effects through the interaction of numerous structures, all within one particular case. Emitters can share parameter settings such as turbulence, gravity, and more in multi-system setups and can be saved as a single preset.

Emitter OBJS

By using 3D models and animated OBJ sequences as particle emitters, you give your particle systems a new dimension. You may opt to emit particles from the vertices, corners, faces, or volume of your OBJ file for added versatility. Choose from over 60 OBJs in Particular's library, or use the latest OBJ Loading Panel directly in After Effects or inside the Designer to quickly load your templates.

Download & Install Trapcode Particular for Windows PC

Trapcode Particular needs to be downloaded from the official Red Giant website or another tech website before it can be installed on your Windows PC. Once you download the setup files for free, run the installer and follow simple on-screen instructions to complete installing the software.

Trapcode Particular can now effectively be utilized in your After Effects app to create and design fantastic visual effects for your latest video project. Enjoy editing!