Download and Install Touch VPN for PC

Download Download and Install Touch VPN for PC

Nowadays, web browsing or internet research is a common activity. Sometimes few websites are not assessable in a particular location or country hence, you might not get access to these websites. Have you heard about Virtual Private Network (VPN)? VPN and proxy both are used to surf anonymously but the proxy is not compatible with certain websites or webpages that use non-browser technology. On the other hand, VPN provides more freedom and allows you to visit any website safely without any restriction. A free and unlimited VPN server is developed by Touch VPN Inc. Touch VPN is a proxy server that eases your internet surfing and allows you to assess restricted sites and apps on your system. Touch VPN is safe and secure and provides a trusted browsing experience and because of the encryption process, the data cannot be filtered or blocked.


Access any website

Touch VPN has bypass geo-restrictions which enables the user to unblock any website from any location. Various websites are blocked on censored by the government or the workplace, this app provides easy access to such websites. This free VPN app enables you to evade firewalls to watch YouTube and circumvent VOIP limitations.

Data security

When you connect to a public Wi-fi Hotspot then your personal information including your name and passwords are easily compromised. Touch VPN is a secured app with banking-level security and provides the best protection to its users.


Touch VPN is a user-friendly and easy-to-use application. This app is operated by a single button and in just one tap, you can connect with various anonymous servers at a comparatively faster speed. Your device battery is saved when you are not using this app.

Surf anonymously

Touch VPN is extremely useful, it changes your IP address and keeps your online identity anonymous hence it is beneficial to avoid your ISP from being snooped. This app also prevents ad tracking and targeting and you can surf freely without being accessible to unauthorized access.


Touch VPN secured your sensitive data and you can use this application on your system by using an android emulator. Android emulator software is designed to ease the installation and use of android apps on your operating system. Various emulator software is available online, Bluestacks and Nox are the most commonly used software and you can prefer any of them. Make sure that you have successfully installed emulator software before downloading Touch VPN.

  • Download the Emulator by clicking on the Download button and follow the installation steps to install it on your PC.

  • After successfully installing the android emulator launch and run the software on your PC by following the guidelines carefully.

  • You can install the android application directly from the Google Play store and to access the Play store you have to log in to your Google or Gmail Account in the emulator.

  • On the Android emulator, now you can open the play store homepage and search Touch VPN in the search bar. Click on the app icon and install the same.

  • After installing the application in your system and following the step-by-step instruction provided for a successful installation.

  • When the application is installed successfully click “open” and you can use this versatile and compatible app on your system.