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General information

  • Category: Other multimedia apps
  • Version: 4.4.27
  • Last update: Jan 31, 2019
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • License: freeware

What is Stremio?

Stremio is a free app to watch movies, TV shows, series, live television from your desktop. Discover, organize and watch video from all kind of sources on any device. There are also add-ons for Torrent streaming, YouTube, Netflix and support.

Feature highlights from Stremio include an option to continue watching movies, series or videos at point where you left, get notified of new episodes and releases, browse through the recommendations you will get based on your viewing habits.

Screenshot of Stremio software running on Windows 10.

Discover new films, TV shows, series and channels to watch and browse by category, genre, rating, recency, etc. or simply type a name to find. Stremio download links are available for all major Desktop platforms.

Stremio library allows you to add any title to your library with a single click. You find your way around your content, neatly arranged by type, recency, or alphabetical order. There is also a calendar visualization of all the movies and series you add to your library so you will never miss your favorite show or movie.

You have even export Stremio calendar and sync it so you always know when a new episode or a premier goes air.

Discover Trending Movies in Stremio software for Windows

Stremio offers option to rent films from popular services including Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube or PlayStation.Store. Every film description includes IMDB rating, duration, cast, genre etc.

You can also watch a trailer. Stremio offers also support for addons. Extend the features of Stremio app by installing stremio addons like Juan Carlos 2 for torrent streaming support, OpenSubtitles for an option to download subtitles and much more.

How to install Stremio addons?

Stremio Addone Install Instruction

  1. Click on the puzzle icon displayed in Stremio main Windows in right corner.
  2. Navigate to Community Addons or Official Add-ons and look for required addone.
  3. Click the green button to Install selected addon like for example Juan Carlos 2.
  4. Small popup will appear in bottom of Stermio app asking you to confirm Install.
  5. When you click the install button the Addon will be installed.

Stermio add-ons

Stremio offers a builtin Repository of Official and Community Add-ons. In Stremio official repository list we can find Cinemata to watch movie and series from catalogs, YouTube to play favorite channels ad-free, WatchHub to stream video among iTunes, Hulu, amazon and other UK/US services using Stremio, OpenSubtitles to download subtitles, and Local files to play movies from HDD.

The more exciting part is available in Stremio community repository. Install support for in Stremio, watch content from RARBG, Juan Carlos 2 allowing to stream torrent files, Vodo to open Indie movies, PirateBay to fetch PirateBay entries, dTube that can monetize videos with steem blockchain directly from Stremio, InternetArchive to access public domain films, stream live from, add Popcorn support, and more.


Stremio Continue Watching

In movies tab available in Stremio we have a list of popular films. Sort the results by year, rating, or categories like comedy, drama, action, adventure, family, horror, history, biography and so one.

Add your favorites movies to Stremio library to have quick access to them later, watch trailers, read basic information about the movie like cast, director, year of release and description. Stremio displays also information when a film is available in Cinema.

TV Series

Stremio offers access to the top most rated TV shows. From the list we can watch The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, The Simpsons, Law and Order, Family Guy, Doctor Who, The Flash, Game of Thrones, South Park, Arrow, Better Call Saul, Gotham Mad City, Daily Show, Modern Family, Suits, Lucifer, How to Get Away with Murder and pretty much everything what you will like to look for. Every Series in Stremio are available in list of Seasons where you can select episodes.


Stremio aggregates also popular YouTube Channels. You watch your favorite video directly in Stremio app. No need to download different software. The Stremio YouTube displays top channels, and categories like comedy, from TV, Gaming, Lifestyle, Music, Sports and more. Add you preferred channels Stremio library and download or play everything you like.


Stremio Calendar of upcoming TV Shows

Stremio calendar is a great feature to organize and explore upcoming TV Shows. Be notified when your favorite TV-Shows will air and don't miss any new episode with Stremio Calendar.

Navigate through all month and specific days. Stremio will notify you about new episodes so you will never miss your show. Stremio Calendar works via favorites. Everything that you add to favorites in Stremio will be automatically add to calendar.

Software review

kuba review
Stremio Review

I think that Stremio is one of the best app to download movies on Desktop. The software is easy to use and allows us to download stremio addons directly from the interface. You have access to the official addons offering support for YouTube video, downloading subtitles from, and play local files. The community add-ons offer more exciting features like support for PirateBay to stream torrent films, Twitch.TV, Popcorn Time, Juan Carlos Torrents, Netflix and more. After you download Stremio its recommend to install addons to get the full potenital of the application. Is Stemio safe? In my option this is one ot the best a safe application to stream movies from PC or Mac. When you Stremio download ends watch video later.

Stremio Alternative

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