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Storyboarder program makes it easy to visualize a story and express your ideas without making a movie. You can quickly draw to test if a story idea works and create and show animatics to others. Wonder Unit storyboard software is available for free download.

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Recent changes:

New features and improvements added to the newest version of software are available in the Storyboarder changelog, where you can find all highlights from this release.

Version 1.10.1

  • Shot Generator 2.0 (beta)
  • Shot Generator VR (beta)
  • Linked PSD files are now read as a single composite image, and imported to the reference layer. Previously, they had been read from named layers in Photoshop, and imported to board layers.
  • Linked PSD file for the current board is checked for changes when Storyboarder gains focus. Previously, there had been a file watcher running in the background.

Version 1.9.2

  • Patch fix for lasso tool being called when typing in text

Version 1.9.1

  • Added Lasso Tool 
  • User is now safely alerted when graphics context is lost (this sometimes happens due to heavy usage of the graphics card by other programs at the same time as Storyboarder)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented notification of preference changes

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