Download SSD-Z

SSD-Z is a free tool to identify the HDD, SSD, memory stick, memory cards, etc. This application allows you to check the technical condition of the disc, display detailed information about the media and run a benchmark test.

The program displays basic information about the hardware including the name of the manufacturer, serial number, controller, supported technologies, supported interface and d the splays current temperature based on sensor installed on the device. SSD-Z can also check the status of the trim responsible for informing the disk of the possibility of exempting specific sector.

SSD-Z also checks diagnostic data from the SMART mechanism and verifies whether the drive is working properly. Additionally, you can also view a list of partitions, and check the capacity, size shifts, marking, and used file system. SSD-Z also includes data on the area dedicated to the even distribution of the record.

In addition, SSD-Z has offers a built-in benchmark that measures transfer speed and random access time when performing random and sequential write data. SSD-Z displays detailed information about access time to files.