Sound Booster

Download Sound Booster

Sound Booster from Letasoft is a great software allowing you to increase volume in Windows system. Amplify up to 500% sound of a web browser, audio player, or a game that is being played in the system. Download Sound Booster and test the app for free.

When you need to boost the volume of very quiet speakers you will find Sound Booster very handy. The program can be used as an extra amplifier. If the volume of the audio you are listening to is too low the booster will automatically increase it to a comfortable level.

Sound Booster in Boost Injection and APO effect mode

Sound Booster monitors current audio gain level and prevents samples from clipping, thus reducing all major sound distortions. You can also enable SuperBoost feature which may add some extra boost to audio but also may cause slight distortions in sound.

You can also use the program to level the volume of Skype conversation in real-time. Sound Booster is compatible with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP. The application is available in the system tray from where you can access quickly an easily all available options.

How works Sound Booster?

The program is packed with two methods for raising the volume of sound. Code injection and APO effects. Both methods have their own benefits and drawbacks. To cover most playback situations both methods are enabled by default. You can also switch between methods from the Boost Mode menu.

Increase volume

Install the application and test it for 14 days. The other restriction of this trial version is that every 5 minutes it won’t amplify sound for 5 seconds. Other than that it is a fully-functional app that can be used much like an activated one. The full versions price starts from $19.95.

Sound Booster is my favorite super loud volume booster for Windows that I'm always using to increase audio on my old speakers. After installation, all main features are accessible from systray. From the menu, you can activate boost mode, select sound volume, and activate volume increase and decrease keyboard shortcuts. There is really not much to say. It was designed to turn the volume up to the maximum, and it serves the purpose well.