Download Shareaza

Shareaza is a free P2P application that offers support for networks like Gnutella², Gnutella, eD2K, DC++ and HTTP or FTP protocols. You can download file from several networks at the same time. Shareaza is available for Windows only.

Key features of Shareaza include option to search for files in all supported networks at the same time, option to repair damaged files, preview audio and video while downloading data, check ratings of media, read and write comments, built-in chat and block unwanted users.

Screenshot of Shareaza software running on Windows 10.

Shareaza has much more to offer. The software also allows you to catalog files, add items to favorites, preview process of downloaded and uploaded files from our collection, option to playback media via the built-in media player or even chat using IRC client.

Shareaza can also set download and upload data transfer limitations and offer remote access to the basic functions of the program. You can also extend the features installing external plugins. Shareaza allows you to create your own torrent files as well.