Download SetFSB

Technological advancements had paved the way for humanity to get the most out of outdated products and use them to the fullest extent. It is more like taking an electronic product and using it through its lifespan and, even then, tweaking it to make full use of it. A similar approach can be used in computers as well.

We aren’t talking about the external peripherals, but talking about the computer's core brains, the processor. From the factory factor, the processor comes clocked at a particular rating, and tweaking those ratings can ensure faster results. For this, you need software, and we have one illustrated below. Check it out.

What is SetFSB?

SetFSB is a software that lets you overclock your CPU processor to its fullest potential. However, the software isn’t designed for beginners but only for experts that know what they are doing. Any wrong move could destroy your processor for good. The software is free and does a fantastic job of allowing plenty of users to have their hands-on approach to tweaking the CPU's performance parameters.

Key Features of the Software

  • Continuous system monitor

The software helps monitor the CPU continuously and checks for its speeds and the overall temperature at which it is running. You can tweak them if the desired readings aren’t feasible according to your preference.

  • CPU detail navigation

Altering the CPU functioning through its software is a simple task on its own. All the users have to do is access the clock generator, and you get all the necessary inputs of the CPU, which can be changed through sliders and essential inputs to make the CPU work accordingly.

  • High speed

The computer processor is measured in megahertz, which can be overclocked. Overclocked means that you are taking the processor to its fullest capacity, which is usually not safe under certain conditions. With proper cooling, it is quite feasible. If not, you will melt the processor. The megahertz is a measure between 60-400. The higher, the better.

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS – Windows 7 or higher

  • CPU – Intel i5 or higher

  • RAM – 1GB or higher

  • Storage – 100MB

How to Download and Install it on PC

  • Download the application installer

The software can be found on multiple sites. Get the latest version, which is stable and can execute its function with ease.

  • Open the downloaded contents

Open the installer from the folder and follow the on-screen set of instructions for a successful installation process.

  • Enjoy

Have fun using the software in tweaking the clock speed and processing speed of the processors to avail faster performance.