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Road Rash is one of the most celebrated racing video games in pop culture. It was released in 1996 by Electronic Arts (EA) for Windows PC, Playstation, and Sega Saturn. The game was the first of its kind in blending racing and vehicular combat. The game focuses on a series of road races around California that must be won by the player to progress to higher-difficulty races while using a mix of fistfights and blunt weapons to impede the other racers.

The Road Rash 1996 video game is a part of the Road Rash series of games released by EA. Road Rash puts the gamer in place of a motorcycle racer who must finish in the top three in a series of five road races among fourteen other racers to advance throughout the five levels of the game. In a variety of Californian sites, including San Francisco, the Sierra Nevada, Napa Valley and the Pacific Coast Highway, the game's races take place.

The player can accelerate, brake and attack neighbouring racers during a race. The player's character can punch the nearest racer or either use a backhand or a kick as an unusual offensive move. Some competitors wield weapons such as clubs and chains which the player can take and use as they hold the weapon out to strike.

If they crash into an obstacle such as cows, deer, cars and trees, or if they run out of stamina due to battles with other racers, the player racer can be ejected from their bike. In this scenario, the racer will automatically run back towards their motorcycle. In all the game's tracks, motorcycle cops also make occasional appearances. The cop will terminate their involvement in the current race by apprehending them and charging them a fine if the player crashes within the vicinity of a cop.

Features of Road Rash Game

The video game Road Rash became extremely popular amongst the millennials because of its unique in-game features and enthralling gameplay. Some of the most remarkable features of Road Rash have been enumerated below.

Interesting Story

With $1,000 in the wallet, the player's character begins the game. A cash prize is added to the player's balance when the player wins a race. The player can enter a bike shop from the main menu and see multiple bikes with various weights, speeds and steering capabilities, and the player can probably buy a new bike with the cash they have accumulated.

Competitive Gameplay

The player advances to the subsequent level when the player wins a race on all five tracks of the game. With each subsequent level, the courses get longer, and the opponent racers become more aggressive. If they win a race on all five levels on each track, the player wins the game.

Compelling Game Modes

The game features two contrasting single-player gameplay modes: the ‘Big Game Mode’ primary campaign and a stripped-down ‘Thrash Mode’ in which the player can race at any difficulty on any given track. The player takes on the role of one of several characters with different statistics in the Big Game Mode.

Download & Install Road Rash for Windows PC

Download Road Rash for Windows PC

Road Rash can be easily downloaded from various websites on the internet with less than 5MB storage required on the hard drive of the PC.

Install Road Rash for Windows PC

To install the Road Rash executable file, click on it after it finishes downloading.

  1. The Road Rash installation wizard will appear on-screen. Click on ‘Next’.

  2. Agree to the Road Rash User Agreement.

  3. Select the installation path for the game in the required tab of the wizard.

  4. The installation will start and continue for less than two minutes.

  5. Click on ‘Finish’ when the installation completes.

This will get Road Rash installed on your Windows PC, and you can get up and running with the game. Enjoy racing through the lovely Californian locales and punching and kicking your opponents along the way!