Download RenderMan

RenderMan from Pixar Animation Studios is a photorealistic 3D rendering software. It is available as a stand-alone application and as plugins including RenderMan for Maya, RenderMan for Katana, and RenderMan for Houdini.

RenderMan 23 offers a real time rendering engine. Each bridge product has been rewritten to provide an optimal user experience for always-on live rendering. Using RenderMan you can use the very same advanced light Integrator developed and used at Pixar, which includes unique innovations to indirect light. RenderMan's Preset Browser has been redesigned to support new features in all three bridges, which makes sharing assets (lights, shaders, and textures) between DCCs simple. Pixar Volume provides more options to enhance performance as well as new support for OpenVDB 4.

Other features of RenderMan non-commercial 23 include new curve rendering techniques designed around ray tracing large amounts of curves while grooming without needing to re-render to see changes. Now you can comb, style, and dye without having to wait. Redesigned the Raytracing Core. The impressive advancements in interactive workflows are possible through a complete rewrite of the scene graph, along with an extensive cleanup and reduction of the code base by 30%. There are also major improvements in sampling placement for improving convergence in traditionally undersampled areas.

The RenderMan non-commercial offers all the possibilities of full commercial version without any restrictions. The software uses open standards including: Alembic, OpenColorIO, OpenEXR, OpenSubdiv, OpenVDB, OSL, RSL, SeExpr, Ptex, UDIM, USD and more. Self-configuring installation with multi-version support. You can also develop custom hooks for RenderMan using Python API.