Download ReluxDesktop

ReluxDesktop 2020 is a high-performance program for simulating artificial light and daylight. It provides you with rapid and efficient support on all the different aspects of big and small projects, without taking any unnecessary roundabout routes.

Simulation of lighting and sensors in real time! Calculation of absolute values, national and international standards, compatible with CAD and BIM systems, plus a great deal more. The application is available to you free of charge thanks to the support of our partners in industry. ReluxDesktop supports the following standards EN12464-1 (2013), EN1838 (2014), ASR A3.4 (2011), DIN 5034 (1999) in Indoors, EN12464-2 (2013), EN 12193 (2008), GR nach CIE 112 (1994) in Outdoors, and EN13201-2,-3 (2015), SN13201-2,-3 (2016) in Road.

Screenshot of ReluxDesktop software running on Windows 10.

Installing add-ons you can extend possibilities offered by ReluxDesktop 2019. Using ReluxTunnel you can compile tunnel calculations according to the current standards. Using your L20 value, the application will compile and position your luminaires automatically. Switching and dimmer groups permit the corresponding energy assessments. The application supports the following standards CIE 88 (2012), CIE 189 (2010), EN16276 (2013), SN201 (2005). ReluxDesktop download is available for Windows.

ReluxEnergyCH add-on for ReluxDesktop will support you rapidly and efficiently on all matters, in small and big projects alike, without any unnecessary detours. Compile the Minergie certificate as per the standard to SIA 387/4 (SIA380/4) and obtain your building permit for energy-conscious planning.