Download Red Giant Keying Suite

Red Giant Keying Suite is made up of 3 keying tools Primatte Keyer, Key Correct, and Warp that make your keying seamless and build the realism of your shot taking you from the initial matte to the final composite. Primatte Keyer's Auto Compute Algorithms can often pull a perfect key automatically.

Red Giant's Primatte Keyer is a fast, automatic chroma-keying tool, with Pro-level control and accuracy. It can be used to remove green or blue-screen with the touch of a single button. You can use Primatte Keyer to correct uneven lighting, remove spill, and fine tune the important details.

Primatte Keyer can analyze your background and even out the lighting before performing the key making much cleaner background removal. Hybrid controls help fill transparency gaps in your foreground matte, making a cleaner key. Speck and Hole combat problem footage with wrinkles, discoloration or uneven lighting.

Key Correct offers all necessary options to Key Correct fine-tune alphas, color match foregrounds to backgrounds, and remove unwanted elements keeping your composites looking natural. It offers set of 15 plug-ins that can be used to improve results from popular keyers including Primatte Keyer, Keylight and Ultimatte.

Key Correct offers simple denoising and cleaning tools help give accurate blending to alpha channels, automatically color-match foreground objects with any background image and more.

Red Giant Keying Suite offers also 3rd tool Warp wit advanced Shadows, Reflections, Glows and Corner-pinning. Advanced offset controls and direct Mocha for After Effects integration make corner-pinning easy.

You can also control the shadow’s perspective and falloff, then warp it with the bend controls. Easy setup controls let you create realistic mirror reflections for video or images.