QQ Player

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The program for QQ Player is a free Windows PC app that lets you play videos, movies, and music. Without the need for additional codex packages, you can play all the video and audio formats.

QQ Player allows you to play videos, movies, and music, capture video as digital pictures, convert video and music, play 3D movies, and convert standard 2D movies to 3D movies at the click of a button.

Features of QQ Player

The remarkable features of QQ Player have been highlighted in the section below.


QQ Player allows you to snapshot video as digital files, which can be saved on your computer.

Video Slicing and Cutting

The QQ Player software lets you cut video and audio file shots by providing an advanced video splitting tool.

Video and Audio Converting

Suppose you are one of those who enjoy converting and playing videos and music on your smart devices, such as an iPhone, IPad, and other Android devices. In that case, you can use the player to convert video and music, keeping intact the high quality effortlessly.

Video Compressing

QQ Player allows you to compact video files and preserve their consistency. It offers a powerful method to compress videos.

Combining Videos

The QQPlayer software lets you compress and preserve the quality of video files. It offers a powerful method to compress videos.

Transferring Video Files to Your Computer & iPad

Without the need to connect your iPad and iPhone to your computer using cables, you can use this player to pass images, movies, and subtitles to your iPad & iPhone device using WIFI technology.

Reproduction of 3D movies

The QQPlayer app allows you to play 3D movies and convert standard 2D movies to 3D movies with just one click.

Installing Movie Subtitles

QQ Player allows subtitle files to be installed and run on movies. It supports all file extensions for subtitles, such as ASS, SRT, and SSA.

Download and Install QQ Player for Windows PC

Download QQ Player for Windows PC

You can easily download QQ Player from the link shared on this very page above by clicking the 'Download' button. When the executable file for the QQ Player setup installer begins to download, please wait for it to finish downloading before double-clicking the file to open the installer for QQ Player.

Install QQ Player for Windows PC

To complete the installation process, you need to follow the simple on-screen instructions after the QQ Player installer pops up on your Windows PC screen.

  1. Click 'Next' before the User Agreement is shown.
  2. Agreeing with the User Agreement.
  3. For the QQ Player to be mounted, pick an appropriate position on your hard disc.
  4. Wait until the installation starts and finishes.
  5. To exit Setup, click on Finish'.

The QQ Player desktop icon will now appear on the screen of your Windows PC. To launch QQ Player whenever you want to play the latest collection of videos on your PC or stream a movie on the internet, you can double-click the same one. Enjoy!