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Punch-Out is a boxing video games series developed by Genyo Takeda, the general manager of Nintendo, and Makoto Wada, his partner. It began in arcades as Punch-Out, followed by a sequel Super Punch-Out. Soon after, beginning with the Famicom and NES Punch-Out / The Punch-Out of Mike Tyson, the series was released on home consoles in 1987, and a sequel to SNES and Super Famicom Super Punch-Out also released in the year 1994.

A series reboot entitled Punch-Out was released on the Wii in May 2009, and a Club Nintendo exclusive WiiWare prequel Doc Louis' Punch-Out in October of 2009. The series even had a spin-off called Arm Wrestling, which was released in North American arcades only, and was the last arcade game they developed and released independently by Nintendo.

The gameplay of the acclaimed game involves playing as a diminutive boxer named Little Mac. The character must scale the ranks of the World Video Boxing Association. Gameplay varies slightly between each game, but in general, the player can strike the head or body with his left and right hands and can escape and block to avoid attacks by the opponent. The player has a good uppercut skill in many games in the series- its use is minimal and must be achieved during matches - and has a star punch that can be gained by hitting an opponent while taunting or at the right moment. Little Mac is also able to block, causing minor damage to him.

Knowing their battle habits, avoiding their attacks, and reacting with a counterattack is the secret to beating each enemy. To signal their attacks, opponents will often send a visual or audible cue. The opponent will be left helpless for a while if the player dodges an attack successfully, allowing the player to strike back.

Which Game Emulator to Choose For Running Punch-Out?

In order to play Punch-Out on your PC, you must download and install a Nintendo Wii Emulator first to run the Punch-Out ROM. The most recommended Nintendo Wii Emulator for PC in the market is Dolphin Wii Emulator 5.0-13014 for Windows. It doubles up as a GameCube emulator as well. Other Wii emulators available are Dolwin, SuperGCube, Whinecube, and GCEmu.

The specifications of Nintendo Wii emulators on PC are:

  • Memory - 88MB main and 3MB embedded GPU texture and framebuffer.

  • Storage - 512MB built-in NAND flash; 2GB SD Card.

  • Video - 480p (PAL, NTSC), 480I (NTSC), or 576i (PAL/SECAM).

  • CPU - PowerPC based.

  • 2 USB ports, Wi-Fi capabilities, Bluetooth.

  • Audio - Stereo, Dolby Pro Logic 11, built-in speaker and controller.

Games Related to Punch-Out

If you enjoy playing boxing games like Punch-Out, you are bound to like the following titles from the same developer team as well.

Super Punch-Out

This is the sequel to the original Punch-Out title, from the same game developers. This is another boxing arcade game, and the first one to feature the “duck” move used to avoid attacks that can neither be ducked nor blocked.

Arm Wrestling

This is the first spin-off of the Punch-Out series. It involves arm wrestling instead of boxing between similar game characters. It’s also the last arcade-exclusive game Nintendo independently created and released.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

This game is an amalgamation of both the Punch-Out and Super Punch-Out games, having an actual plot. The final boss fight happens between the protagonist and Mike Tyson, the legendary American boxer.