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In a world where occupations are rapidly turning digital, cybercriminals are on an all-time high. No generation has ever faced this level of an imminent threat that the criminals pose. You will be appalled to know how drastically cyber crimes have changed the online world’s landscape. Normal browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc are not very safe anymore. Cookies play a major role in tracking activities, giving hackers’ an easy route to procuring user information. If you are dealing with banking or other sites that are prone to hackers, you need to ensure there is full-proof browser security. You cannot settle for a browser that can compromise your security.

This is where we present to you the ProtonVPN. Developed by the team behind the enormously successful ProtonMail, ProtonVPN intends to provide the same encrypted security measures that the mailing software does. It enables you to work in immensely secure VPN protocols, making you virtually drop from the online radar. Therefore, your personal information, despite being entered in multiple sites, will invariably remain safe.

Key Features Of ProtonVPN

Highly Secure

Users will never be in jeopardy of having their personal data leaked while using ProtonVPN. This is because the software uses extremely reliable VPN protocols to ensure no breach of privacy is done by third party interventions. Additionally, the software itself is Swiss-based, wherein the highest forms of privacy laws are obeyed. It boasts of a “fourteen eyes” surveillance system, implying a high level of security. Rest assured when you go undercover with a VPN, your activities are never tracked.

No Traffic

Networks are brimming with traffic all the time. But you red light this traffic using the ‘Kill Switch’ feature. This stops the traffic flow in a network, allowing you to disconnect from the VPN without having your data leaked into the flow.

Different Plans

Like any high-performance VPN service, ProtonVPN offers two plans to its users. One is free while the other is paid. Naturally, you will reap extra benefits from the paid plan. But the other one works just the same. The only differences lie in the number of countries you can connect to and the number of devices you can add simultaneously to the same network.

System Requirements Of ProtonVPN

Make sure your system meets the following requirements in order to install the software:

  • It should be compatible with Windows 7,8,10 operating system (64-bit)

How To Download It On PC

The following process lists out instructions for installing the software on the system:

  1. Clicking on the download button takes you to another page where there is another download link. Click on this button to initiate the download of the .exe file.

  2. Run this .exe file on the PC once the download completes.

  3. Now in the setup window, follow the installation instructions. Complete this step so that the software successfully installs on the system.