PretonSaver Home

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PretonSaver Home is easy-to-use software that significantly reduces toner and ink consumption. PretonSaver Home uses intelligent technology to identify and delete wasteful pixels during the printing process without visibly impacting quality.

PretonSaver uses Preton's patent-pending Pixel Optimizer Technology for reducing toner consumption by identifying and deleting overlapping pixels. By intelligently removing unnecessary pixels, Pixel Optimizer can save you up to 35% in toner or ink without visibly impacting quality. PretonSaver Home supports all document types (text, mixed content, Internet, presentations, pictures and more) and works with all standard models of both inkjet and laser printers.

Screenshot of PretonSaver Home software running on Windows 10.

Home users typically spend $250 to $350 per year on ink and toner. PretonSaver Home can reduce ink and toner consumption by an average of 35%, resulting in an approximate savings of over $100 per year. Users can more than double the yield of toner and ink cartridges by further defining saving levels for specific print jobs, applications, elements and total printing volume. The software can also be configured to automatically omit pictures and graphics.

PretonSaver automatically identifies all your local and network printers. By collecting comprehensive usage statistics for each print job, PretonSaver can provide comprehensive information at the organizational, group, individual and application levels. This information is compiled into detailed cost and usage reports for complete visibility of printing patterns and cost structures. The trial version worsk for 14 days.