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General information

What is Popcorn Time SE?

Popcorn Time SE is a free application designed to stream and watch movies, and the latest episodes of popular TV series. The program is aggregating links to torrent files with video. You can download PopcornTime SE 6.1 for Windows 10.

In the main window, you have access to movies and TV-series bookmarks. There is displayed a list of all available items represented by nice-looking graphics. From this level, we can quickly see the film review on IMBD and add an item to list of favorites.

Popcorn Time SE also equipped with a video search engine and the system of segregation of materials according to criteria such as genre, year of publication, title or popularity.

Screenshot of PopcornTime SE software running on Windows 10.

In addition, by selecting an appropriate movie or episode, we can select video quality, and an option to automatically download subtitles. To stream movies with Popcorn Time SE 6.1, there is no need to download the full movie.

The software needs only first few megabytes of data. The rest will be downloaded in the background by PopcornTime SE when we enjoy the movie.

Another advantage of the application is the ability stream PopcornTime SE movies and episodes of favorite TV. PopcornTime SE supports devices like Chromecast or AppleTV. In the case of TV serials, the player allows you to automatically move on to the next section.

Before you will watch the film there is an option to play trailer in PopcornTime SE. Select the source of download, choose subtitles and start watching your favorite movies in PopcornTime Desktop.


PopcornTime SE Movies

Access all new movies from PopcornTime SE like Skyscraper, Avengers, Mission Impossible, Hotel Artemis, Hold the Dark, Sicario 2, Ant-Man Wasp, Hotel Transylvania 3, Solo: Star Wars, Jurassic World, Tag, Deadpool 2, Spider-Mad, Fantastic Beasts, Ocean 8, The little Mermaid, Creed, The Commuter, Sierra Burgers is a Loser and more.

TV Shows

PopcornTime SE allows users to download and watch all seasons of TV Shows like Grey's Anatomy, The good doctor, The Big Bang Theory, The young Sheldon, Games of Thrones, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Modern Family, The First, The Gifted, Suits, This is Us,The Walking Dead, Castle Rock, The Sinner, Vikings, The Flash. Mac Gyver, Stranger Things, Narcos and much more. The Shows list is long and there is something for everyone in PopcornTime SE.

Popcorn Time iOS

PopcornTime can be also easily installed on any iOS device including iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. You can download the app for free using platforms like Tutuapp or Panda Helper. Popcorn Time for iOS offers access to movies and tv-shows directly from your device. It supports also streaming video to Apple TV, and downloading subtitles for movies. You can also add to watch list your favorite shows for quick access.

Software review

kuba review
Popcorn Time SE Review

One of my favourite Desktop software to watch movies is Popcorn Time SE. Like in it's name you need just select a film and get the popcorn to fully enjoy the movie. PopcornTime SE offers access to hundreds of video materials and it works on Windows, and Mac. In my opinion PopcornTime SE offers a great user experience. You need to find an interested movie, click to watch it now and the software will automatically download it in background. Of course you don't need to wait. Using PopcornTime you can watch video during download. What is so great about the app? It's free and you could compare it to Netflix. PopcornTime software offers also option to select video quality from 1080p, 720p, and even 3D if available. Sometimes there is also dubbing version available. Get PopcornTime SE, download installer for free.

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