Download Polybrush

Korablev describes Polybrush as “a three-dimensional version of Photoshop”, is designed to enable artists to sketch out 3D forms quickly and intuitively, and export the result as an OBJ file. Polybrush is available as full featured 90-day trial version.

Polybrush and Zbrush is a completely different programs. They have different workflow and purposes. Zbrush is a software for sculpting and most convenient for creating characters. Polybrush is a more versatile tool, suitable for modeling many things. In general, it’s useful as an intermediate tool for concept design and kitbashing. With Polybrush you can quickly make basemesh and finish in other software, even in Zbrush. Or overpaint it in Photoshop for example.

In Polybrush software the user begin sketching out a form by making strokes in 3D space. The app includes preset brushes designed to mimic organic forms, machine parts, hair, bones and teeth, or users can create their own. All parameters of selected brush can be edited using a modifier stack, which opens up options to do things like linking the colour or surface deformation of each 3D stroke to the pen pressure on a graphics tablet.