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Pocket Radio Player is Shoutcast and Icecast-compatible internet-based radio player for Windows. What makes the program so amazing it's that it is so simple. All the radio stations listed in the program database are updated regularly. The player offers basic functionality in a compact package.

Download Pocket Radio Player for Windows and start using the internet-based radio player. The program works on a 64 and 32-bit system and was tested to operate from Windows XP and up to Windows 10. Play over 2200 radio stations ranging from genres such as hip-hop, jazz, talk to pop or country.

Pocket Radio Player is packed with the basic features required for play internet radio and nothing else. I like to change the player window to really small an place it in the right-down corner. Of course, the program can be minimized to the system tray the way it's not taking place on your screen.

Pocket Radio Player Station List

The file size is just over 14 MB. Once downloaded, extract the compressed folder where the PRP.exe file will be available. After that, just run the executable. No installations or complex configurations are required to use Pocket Radio Player.

Pocket Radio Player is packed also with a Station recorder (Ogg, Wav, and MP3), editor, and updater. With Station Editor you can convert a playlist file (such as .pls, .m3u, .asx) into a station file. A custom station logo may be placed into the creator directory and will be detected automatically. How cool is that!

To enable MP3-recording, place a "libmp3lame.dll" into the PRP folder. This external library isn't part of the distribution. Please use version 3.99.5 from Rarewares.

Station Editor

Add stations to favorites listed on a separate list, also change their ranking (i.e. 0-5) visible via bar icons. What's more, you can also access the history of recently played songs and stations. Pocket Radio Player speaks in 16 languages providing excellent sound quality thanks to FMOD. This is really a great radio player.

If you do not like the default icons of the player you have the option of selecting a different theme. From the Setting page, you can also select the buffer size (16kb and the highest available buffer size being 64kb), change the default recordings encoder and quality, spectrum analyzer, or activate the window always on top.

Pocket Radio Player Settings Page

On top of all these great features, you can also add manually new radio streams to the database if your station is not available.

I always listen to music or the radio in the background when I work. Overall, Pocket Radio Player is a perfect program that will be installed on my Windows computer. It's absolutely free, doesn't require many system resources.

There is nothing more you will need. Download Pocket Radio Player today!