PES 2016

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Games that are based on sports have their flair and their way of exciting players worldwide. Though the premise might be the same, it’s quite different when you encapsulate each sport-oriented game's different aspects. If we take football, then there are plenty of notable titles that offer their version of the sport. However, the gameplay is different, the players and the physics are different, and even the overall approach in making the game is entirely different.

Keeping all such philosophies in mind, we have one exciting sports game that you would love, and it's quite impressive given that you can play the game with utmost realism and offer some stand-out features. Check it out.

What is PES 2016?

PES 2016 is a football game launched back in 2016, which captures the footballing industry's essence in the game. All the players, clubs, teams, and whatnot were present in 2016 can be found in the game. Moreover, the game is rich in graphics offerings, utmost realism, and enticing graphics. The game was developed and published by Konami and was well received by millions of fans worldwide.

Key Features of the Game

  • Hyper-realistic graphics

The graphics that the game comprises off are quite surreal in terms of what it has to offer. It’s quite realistic, and the developers have done a great job making the game feel as real as possible. It’s all thanks to the engine that helps provide such graphics and bring football one step closer to players around the world.

  • Smooth gameplay

The game is super responsive and offers a better gameplay experience than previous generations of the game. The game is also relatively fast-paced and ensures that players get the most out of the game in terms of the many ways they can enjoy it.

  • Great user interface

PES is known for having a terrible user interface. Well, it has now been rectified considerably, ensuring that players get a toned-down user interface, which helps in navigation and knowing what is going on. Thus, keeping players engaged in the game and personalizing it their way.

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU – Intel i5 or higher

  • RAM – 4GB or higher

  • Storage – 10GB

  • Video card – 256MB

  • Graphics card – GeForce 7800

How to Download and Install it on PC

  • Download the game installer

The installer for the game is broadly available on multiple gaming sites. You can even get the game through the official website of Konami as well. Get the version that suffices your preferences.

  • Open the downloaded package

Once the game installer has been downloaded, then open it and set up the installer. Follow all the on-screen set of instructions and let the game install.

  • Enjoy

Have fun playing the game once installed successfully.