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The interest is a universe of its own. There so many things that users can try out that it's a place that not many can explore fully. However, people are accustomed to using a tiny chunk of it rather than exploiting it fully. No matter how helpful the internet might be, there are other people on the net that would want to infiltrate your computer and cause it to have problems. For the same, there is antivirus software that assists you when such a thing arises.

However, they aren't very effective in blocking out malware and other things on a site's web page. If you're looking for such a thing, then we would highly recommend trying out the software. Check it out.

What is Peer Block?

Peer block is a security program that makes your internet connection safe and secure. It's more eliminated any servers or sites that might have malware or malicious threats on them, and you might unknowingly get it on your computer. The entire software comprises a Simple UI and keeps your system safe & secure from multiple connections reported by other users to keep you safe.

It does so by shutting down these sites from ever launching on your browser and taking steps to eliminate any site that might be a potential threat to your computer. It does so by an updated list of malicious and not-so-safe sites cited by users, domains, corporations, and others.

Key Features of the Software

  • Plenty of features

The software helps the user in keeping away from untrustworthy sites. For the same, it talks to the site and only allows the sites which are not a threat to your computer. If it detects any such malicious activity, it blocks it out completely.

  • Free of cost

The software is free to use and doesn't need any money for its functionality. However, if you want to add to any site or change to another site, you will have to pick up a subscription to do so.

  • Easy to use

The ensure user interface is like a task manager on your computer. All the sites are listed, and you get real-time tracking about how safe the site is. All the tools and other options are displayed right on the home screen with each navigation option.

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU – Pentium processor

  • RAM – 1GB

  • Storage – 100MB

  • OS – Windows 7 or higher

  • Network – 512KBps or higher

How to Download and Install it on a PC

  • Download the software

The software is hosted on multiple third-party sites. Get the latest version of the software for availing of the latest features.

  • Install it

Once downloaded, then set up the installer and leave the installer to install the software. It shouldn't take more than a minute or two.

  • Have fun using it

Enjoy a secure surfing experience without any threats or risks of malicious software attacking your computer.