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The software of paint has come with the standard version of Windows for several years now. It’s quite the software that enables users to draw, edit, paint, and do much more. Existing since the earliest version of Windows, it’s been a free application and provides the utmost flexibility to the end-user.

However, in the tech world, things are getting updated daily, and apps like paint have to be updated to offer newer features and services. But why update the app, when you can bring out a whole new iteration of the app. Let’s check it out.

What is Paint 3D?

Similar to the tool of standard paint, paint 3D lets users paint in 3D by creating objects, shapes, designs, and much more in 3D. It’s one of the most straightforward modeling applications out there that is not only free but built by the developers at Microsoft that makes it robust and unique in its manner.

There are several advanced features packed into the app ensures that users are never bored with the application and can get their relative levels higher. Additionally, users can create 3D objects seamlessly without any hassles and ensure that its carried out in the most straightforward possible manner. Though the function might have changed, the roots of painting being a simple tool to use are the same.

Key Features of Paint 3D

  • Canvas

Usually, when you open the standard version of paint, you get a white canvas where you can start to draw and fill in your imaginative things. But with paint 3D you get a similar approach, but then it’s quite the thrill where you start creating 3D objects all with the help of your mouse and few buttons here and there.

  • Object Creation

Reminiscent of its name, the software lets users create 3D objects and models as well. However, it might take some amount of time. The end product is quite worth the effort, and you can view it from any possible angle. Even zooming into the objects is feasible.

  • Test Support

Who knew that texts could also be written in 3D where you can attach it on a particular axis, ensuring that you get the best possible feel to the finished image. Moreover, every text can be adjusted based on size, dimensions, font type, and much more.

  • Shortcuts

The software supports different shortcuts such as copy, paste, cut., delete, undo, and more. Such shortcuts help in streamlining the creation process and make it a worthwhile experience.

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS – Windows 7 or higher

  • RAM – 1GB or more

  • Storage – 250MB or higher

  • CPU – 1Ghz

How to Download and Install it on PC

  • Download the software

The software is exclusively available on the windows store. Head to the store and search for Paint 3D.

  • Install it

Once the application is found, then you can download it from here by clicking the install button. It will download and install it for you. Once installed, access the software from the start menu or bring the software shortcut to the desktop.